The conference proceeding (papers) can be  downloaded via for conference attendees.

If one attendee would like to download the conference proceeding,

Please email to to obtain DOWNLOAD PASSWORD.


Registered participants can view all the oral sessions, panel sessions and online sessions via the

following links. The allocated time and data of each presentation can be found in the conference

manual. Note: the password of each online meeting room is sent to registered participants via e-

mail or SMS.

  1. Keynote speeches, oral sessions, panel session link:

Zijin Ballroom A                      

Jiangning VIP Room               

Meeting Room 4                      

Meeting Room 5                      

Meeting Room 6                      


Please find schedule details on:


  1. Online Sessions ( Board Room 3F ) link

Please use the meeting room number 130 923 2284 to get access.

Instruction to Join Online Session (Board Room 3F) via Cisco Webex Meetings

  1. Go to the Online Sessions link.
  2. Type the meeting room number in the meeting information blank.
  3. Use the password for permission to enter the meeting room.
  4. Click the green button “Join Meeting” to join the meeting. Two options under this button. Choose “Use desktop app” if you have installed “Cisco Webex Meetings” on your computer. Otherwise, choose “Use web app” to open Webex within the Internet browser. If the button is grey, it means that the meeting has not yet started by the host. Please refresh the page before and during the meeting to check if the meeting is started.
  5. Please keep muted in order not to intervene the presentation.


The presented materials are protected and can be viewed only by the registered participants. The registered participants are required to comply with the confidential regulations about using the materials. Any misuse of the materials by any individual participant will be in breach of copyright law and the consequence will be out of the responsibility of the conference organizer.

Healthy reminder of the protection for the COVID-19

Dear Participants of IEEE APPEEC 2020


The 12th IEEE APPEEC will be held in the coming days and we are looking forward to the arrival of every participant of the conference. Due to the situation of global pandemic of COVID-19, we strongly suggest you prepare the personal protection for the potential risk of the pandemic such as wearing medical masks in crowded and closed space. Meanwhile, please prepare your Alipay to scan the healthy code of Jiangsu (苏康码) for health check before entering the conference venue. The organizer of IEEE APPEEC 2020 could provide two masks for each participant if you do not have the one. Eventually, we appreciate your contribution and cooperation for IEEE APPEEC 2020 and wish you could get some benefit through this conference.


Best regards

Organizer of IEEE APPEEC 2020

Dear all,

Thank you for your support to IEEE APPEEC 2020. You can follow the official website or public account to learn about the conference. Please scan the QR code to pay attention to official information.

Organizer of 12th IEEE PES APPEEC
16 September 2020

Submission notice of poster and oral presentation content for APPEEC

The listed posters in the program include onsite posters and online posters.

For the online posters that have been notified, please upload the pdf with ZIP or RAR format in your EDAS system by Sep 17, 2020, and the conference staffs will help to put up the online posters at the conference venue during the scheduled time.
For the onsite posters that have been notified, please print the poster and put up your poster by yourself at the conference venue during the scheduled time.


To the APPEEC participants who will give poster and oral presentations:

  1. If you are arranged to present your paper by means of onsite poster at the hotel in Nanjing, please print the poster by yourself and bring it to the venue. It is no need to upload the poster to the EDAS system.


  1. If you are arranged to present your paper by means of onsite oral at the hotel in Nanjing, please prepare the oral PPT and bring it to the venue. It is no need to upload the oral PPT to the EDAS system.


  1. If you are arranged to present your paper by means of online poster, please upload the pdf with ZIP or RAR format in your EDAS system by Sep 17, 2020.


  1. If you are arranged to present your paper by means of online oral, please prepare a pre-record presentation and then upload the pre-record presentation with ZIP or RAR format in your EDAS system by Sep 17, 2020. Microsoft PowerPoint has the function of adding sound to each slide.


A poster template PowerPoint could be downloaded here.


The oral template PPT could be downloaded here.

  • Please note that the onsite oral presentations consist of 10 mins speech session and 5 mins Q&A session.
  • Please note that the online oral presentations only consist of 10 mins speech session.
  • The content of oral presentation should be no longer than the given time limit.

The submission interface is listed as follows (please see the highlighted red frame in figure below).


The submitted poster should follow the guidelines below:

1.The poster size should be A0 (841mm width* 1189 mm height) in portrait orientation. Posters with dimensions exceeding A0 portrait will not fit on the poster stands.

2.Poster content and presentation must be in English.

3.Place your Poster ID (Abstract ID), Abstract title, Author’s names (presenting author underlined), Organization name and contact e-mail prominently in the header to enable easy identification of your poster.

4.Poster content: Please include a background of your research, followed by the results and conclusions.

5.Please ensure that the fonts used in your poster are at least 10 mm high and all information is clearly visible from a distance of 2 m.

6.You have complete freedom in the types of information you display in your poster like figures, tables, text, photographs etc to support your presentation and make it more exciting to the audience.

7.Printing of posters must be arranged by the authors/presenters. Printing will NOT be provided by the conference organizers.


Once again, we appreciate your cooperation and contribution to this conference.


Best regards

Organizers of APPEEC

14 August 2020






Deadline for submission of full papers for review


Deadline for tutorial proposals

Deadline for panel session proposals


Notification of Acceptance


Final paper submission


Deadline for early bird registration