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Technical Topics

Technical Papers are solicited on subjects pertaining to the scope of the conference that includes, but is not limited to the topics.

Data-Driven Approaches in Power Systems 

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning for energy system applications 

  • IoT and ICT for smart grid 

  • Blockchain and transactive energy systems 

  • Data analytics and cyber security 

  • Energy efficiency 

  • Energy markets and policies 

  • Hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen applications 


Sustainability, Green Energy and, E-Mobility 

  • Electrical machines and motor drives 

  • Electric vehicles

  • Demand response and demand side management 

  • Diagnostics, condition monitoring and asset management

  • Blue and green hydrogen


Energy Systems’ Integration and Interconnection 

  • Renewable energy integration

  • FACTS and power electronics 

  • Energy storages including battery storage systems 

  • Distributed energy resources 


Dynamics and Control of Power/Energy Conversion Systems 

  • Power system protection and quality 

  • Power system reliability

  • Power engineering education 

  • Power system dynamics, operation, and control 

  • HVDC transmission systems

  • Medium and low voltage DC system


Smart Grid/Microgrid Technologies 

  • Smart grid systems

  • Microgrids, community energy and virtual power plants 

  • Multi energy systems