2023 IEEE PES 15th Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference

Energy Research and Development Institute (ERDI-CMU)

Technical Visit

To Energy Research and Development Institute,
Chiang Mai University (ERDI-CMU)

Energy Research and Development Institute, Chiang Mai University, was established on the 6th of March 2007 by merging two efficient institutes, the Energy Management and Conservation Office and the Biogas Technology Center. The institute aims to be a center of excellent types of energy. The main objectives of the institute include: energy research, knowledge development, application of knowledge with energy and environmental crises, and biogas development and usage to attain the highest advantages.

It is anticipated that the institute will successfully become the center of professionalism and knowledge in terms of the energy of the country and the ASEAN region. ERDI-CMU researches and develops alternative energy resources and conservation techniques to attain energy technology and innovation and provide academic services and knowledge for the general people. The capabilities of ERDI-CMU are as follows, 1) Provide biogas engineering, 2) Conduct research and development on energy, 3) Deliver specialized biogas plant, 4) Provide energy management, 5) Organize training on energy, 6) Provide international standardized analysis and testing services for liquid gas and microbiology and efficiency analyzing services for energy usage, 7) Promote and participated emission reduction project, and 8) provide testing services for safety engineering qualifications and performance of VSPP power plants.

Energy Research and Development Institute (ERDI) 40Departure from Hotel: 1:30 pm
Return to Hotel: 4:00 pm
on December 6, 2023

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